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International Corporate Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Models and Emerging Markets

Kelly Holding
Bangor University

International Corporate Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Corporate Governance Models and Emerging Markets

‘Corporate governance has become one of the most commonly usephrases in the current global business vocabulary  but what exactly does it mean? The UK Corporate Governance code explains that it is ‘what the board of a company does and how it sets the values of the company and is to be distinguished from the day to day operational management of the company by full-time executives’ Its purpose is ‘to facilitate effective entrepreneurial and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company’ 
Therefore in basic terms corporate governance is the manner in which a corporate company is controlled.
This essay will examine the different models of corporate governance including its history, the fundamental principles and current issues of the differing corporate governance structures. It will thecompare the Anglo-US model with that of the emerging Eastern Europe market, mainly focusing on that of Russia as reform of the Russian Corporate Governance Code is currently underway due to the privatisation of many major Russian corporations.

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