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BBY clients closer to getting back missing millions

The NSW Supreme Court paves the way for BBY clients to get back some of the millions of dollars owed to them following the collapse of the broking firm.


PNG businessman talks up worker shareholding

Making workers feel more part of a company by making them shareholders might be a way to retain skilled employees. […]

What makes a good NHS Non-Executive Director?

The Francis and Keogh reports highlight the need for good governance and effective Non-Executive Directors in the NHS

Both Francis and Keogh reports have highlighted the crucial role played by Non-executive directors in the NHS.

Questions about standards of nursing care, above average mortality rates and low staff morale are continually […]

What skills do Non-Executive Directors need?

Use this checklist to see if you have the skills Non-Executive Directors need to be effective […]

Tianjin firm didn’t have licence until two months before disaster: report

The Chinese company that owns a warehouse that exploded in Tianjin last week, killing more than 100 people, did not have a licence to handle hazardous chemicals until two months before the disaster, the official Xinhua news agency reports.


How to write a Non-Executive Director CV

A Non-Executive Director CV is different from an Executive CV

The skill-set required to be a successful Non-Executive Director is different from an Executive Director’s skill-set so it makes sense that your Non-Executive Director CV should be different from one you would use to obtain an Executive position.

A summary of […]

Why Australia needs a tax-dodger’s name and shame list: Sam Dastyari

The Chair of a Senate inquiry into tax avoidance, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, explains why he wants tax-dodging businesses to be named and on a public register. […]

How to become a Non-Executive Director – Bristol 23 September 2015

Are you thinking of becoming a Non-Executive Director as part of a Portfolio Career or to develop your boardroom skills prior to taking up an executive director role?

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 2015 to find out how you can become a Non-Executive Director

“Unlike many courses I have […]

Workplace excellence – Award for Chartered Psychologist and colleague.

A Chartered Psychologist has been recognised by the Australian Psychological Society’s College of Organisational Psychologists for an innovative programme to promote effectiveness in a telecommunications company.

The programme was designed and implemented by Pauline Willis, a UK-based occupational psychologist, and Dr Josephine Palermo (General Manager, Customer and Collaboration, Telstra Corporation). Telstra is […]

Becoming a Non-Executive Director – for Coaches and Mentors – Oxford 15 September 2015

in partnership with

The Becoming a Non-Executive Director – for Coaches and Mentors course is designed for coaches, mentors and other professionals who possess these skillsets including organisational psychologists and business consultants. It is also of value to anyone who has substantial experience and expertise in harnessing individual as well as team effectiveness […]